Broadmore C36 Chandelier

Charles Loomis

Broadmore C36 Chandelier

The Broadmore Chandelier is a familiar style with a great new look. Chandeliers with shades add a warm welcoming glow to their environment. Because of this style's popularity, I felt it was appropriate to include a modernized version in my Lighting Collection. Solid translucent glass stems and flame-worked glass candle covers added a touch of sophistication and an up-to-date look. This is a perfect Chandelier for upscale residences, hospitality venues and commercial spaces. It is understated and elegant. We offer it with Linen Shades but silk or custom fabric shades are also available. The Broadmore Chandelier is cU.L. listed and suitable for Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential applications.


36" Dia., 14 1/2" Body Ht.


Stainless Steel: Polished CL435

Lamp Shade

Linda Cream Off-White Linen





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