Dahlia Pendant

Charles Loomis

Dahlia Pendant

"I admire the brilliance, vibrant color, and symmetry of a special Dahlia that blooms in my garden every summer. It inspired me to create a Dahlia in glass. To accomplish this, we developed a method to form embossed glass petals, and determined the best way to illuminate them. I remember the amazing day we lit the first Dahlia - it was more beautiful than I envisioned! Since then, Dahlia has been fabricated in different sizes and colors for clients worldwide. It looks sensational wherever it is installed. Dahlia is available in diameters from 24" to 84"." - Charles Loomis


24" Dia., 20" Body Ht.


Stainless Steel: Polished CL435


(72) Clear Embossed Glass Petals





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