Flamenco Chandelier

Charles Loomis

Flamenco Chandelier

"With its curved arms and softly ruffled glass flowers, Flamenco was inspired by the passionate dance and its colorful costumes. I designed Flamenco in three lengths to add drama to areas with high ceilings. Flamenco's glass diffusers may be bright and colorful or crystal clear - both options are stunning. Its design is unique and appropriate for contemporary and traditional settings. Flamenco is suitable for Residential, Hospitality and Commercial installations. Add romance and energy to your space with this one-of-a-kind Chandelier." - Charles Loomis


20" Dia., 26" Body Ht.


Stainless Steel: Polished CL435


(20) 3 piece clear or colored Embossed Glass diffusers





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