Lace C32 Chandelier

Charles Loomis

Lace C32 Chandelier

"I have always admired Queen Anne's Lace. It grows abundantly along the roads where I live. This beautiful white wildflower inspired my design for Lace. Like Queen Ann's Lace, it is intricate and whimsical. Light creates lacey patterns within layers of ruffled glass diffusers. I like the juxtaposition between the simplicity of the polished stainless steel arms and the intricacy of its glass diffusers. Lace is a stylish chandelier with modern flair. Customize it with colored diffusers to add panache to your decor." - Charles Loomis


32" Dia.,17 5/8" Diffuser Ht.


Stainless Steel: Polished CL435


(15) Crystal Clear Embossed (3) Tiered Glass Flowers





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