Pallina Pendant

Charles Loomis

Pallina Pendant

Charles Loomis has a thing for pattern and symmetry. He seeks patterns and symmetry in nature, music, and numbers. His original sketch for the Pallina Pendant included blown glass bubbles stacked in symmetrical columns. Then, one of our glass artists created a brilliant chunky glass bead that he placed between bubbles. This led to further variations. They all looked so great he incorporated them into his designs to offer you more choices! Pallina Pendant sizes range from 14" to 45" diameter. The strands of bubbles are adjustable to suit your preference. Tiered, spiral or random shapes may be created by installing small rings inside larger rings. The Pallina Collection offers pattern, symmetry, color and variety – you'll love it!


14" Dia., 9 3/4" Diffuser Ht.


Stainless Steel: Polished CL435


Clear Hand Blown Bubbles





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